Condo Insurance

Live in a Condo? Did you know that your Condo Association typically only covers the building (as defined in their by-laws), common owned property and Liability?


Understand what you need to protect but reading your Condo Association by-laws. A Condo Insurance policy can be purchased to protect your interests when a covered loss occurs.

There are four basic components to a Condo Insurance policy.

  • Your portion of the dwelling as defined within your Condo Association by-laws
  • Your Personal Property. Those things in your home that you can simply pick up and move with you when you leave.
  • Additional Living Expense. A loss happens to the apartment or home you are renting, causing you to live in temporary housing while repairs are made to your apartment or rental home.
  • Your Personal Liability. Providing Liability protection to you resulting from claims against you from others.

A helpful tool made available from the Insurance Information Institute is the Know Your Stuff app. Access it here, to research if this would help you understand what you own.

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